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-The Ugroczy Family Mission-

Hello friends,

We are the Ugroczy family: My name is Augustin, and I’d like to introduce you to my wife Jana and our 6 children: Tobias (11,5), Tamara (10), Jakub (7), Sebastian (5,5), Matej (3), and Joshua Luke, our four-month old baby born in the US.

We are from Slovakia, where we did ministry work that focused on families and children. We cooporated with YWAM (Youth With A Mission), which taught us a new way of doing ministry and made us dream about missionary life.

Years ago, we started to feel God calling us to move to the US. Our life in Slovakia felt as if we could not grow anymore, and it started to affect our family and marriage. Jana and I felt that we had to go back to our roots, to figure out our core values, and really search for the essence of where God wanted us to be and how he wanted us to live. We wanted the Lord’s vision for our family life and his mission for us.

After many prayers and dreams, God invited us to the USA!

I, Augustin, had gone to the US to do ministry for men back in 2015, and I knew that this was a place where God was taking my family to show us new things and bring freedom that was not possible if we stayed in Slovakia.

So we left everything behind, taking a bank loan to finance the year abroad, and started this journey. Now, I attend Morning Star University while Jana stays home with the children, homeschooling and taking care of our busy crew. This kind of life is our missionary school, where we are learning to grow and heal while teaching our children how to live in freedom without fear and shame.

God’s presence has become clearer and more tangible for us. We are focusing on the mission God gave us, to raise our family well. Family is the most important investment, where we get to pour into the future generation and lead children into fulfilling their dreams and following their purpose.

Our hope for the future is to eventually share all that we are learning with other families in Slovakia. We want to inspire and encourage them to create their own unique journey, which is only theirs. We feel that it is time for families to rise and share their stories, stories of unusual families in this unusual world. That is why we decided to share our family life, experiences, and the things God is teaching us on our family blog, vlog, and Facebook. Often these are just very simple things and situations like family sitting together at dinner, packing a car for a trip, worshipping, or dealing with conflict. These are situations where we feel God’s presence.

Now here we are, one year later, faced with the decision of whether we should go back to Slovakia or stay in the US for another year. However, we felt that it is not the right time and that our “missionary school of life” has not finished yet. There is still more to learn and more the Lord wants to train us in to prepare us to pour into other families. Over this next year, I plan to remain at MorningStar University. We plan to continue in our preparation for our future mission fo family. Our experiences we will share throught the family blog and vlog for Slovak family.

This is why we are asking our friends for help. We know we can’t manage it on our own. We know that our journey is just the beginning of a bigger journey for the many more people and families we want to touch. We are looking for people whose hearts burn for families and who want to sow in the Kingdom!

Here is a breakdown of the financial support we need:

MonthlyTotal for 6 months
Housing expenses – house rent, utilities, wifi, home insurance2,39514,370
School tuition for Augustin4254,250*
School tuition for Tobi7004,200
Gymnastic training for Tamara2801,680
Car expenses2501,500
Homeschool:supplies and field trip150900

$5,300$ 33,500
*whole tuition

We are in need of $ 33,500 to continue for another year in our mission here in the US.

We feel called into this and truly believe God will provide.

Would you pray about supporting a monthly gift for our mission ?

There are several ways you can support us. You can give online at www.ugroczy.com Or you can mail a check to our address:

210 Swampfox Dr. Fort Mill, SC 29715


Follow us on our family adventure! We’d love to meet you.

Thank you so much! With love –

Augustin and Jana Ugroczy